Hospitality Data Intelligence


H-Benchmark allows operators to compare with their territories considering several indexes such as market average price, occupation level of the hotels and trends based on speci c events.

prices occupation trends
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Policy makers

H-Benchmark aggregates data by unifying the sources, publishes real-time touristic trends and provides forecast and strategic info to promote the destination.

trends forecast strategy
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prices presence trends
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H-Benchmark is a unique web-based collaborative platform. It enables the acquisition, the aggregation and the comparative analysis of many performance indexes for the hospitality industry.

H-Benchmark knows the health state of the touristic destinations because it speaks real time with the most reliable source: the PMS structures.

Useful for the operators

The knowledge coming from these information is a key lever to address the strategic decisions and the daily management of the hospitality business.

  • Analysis of the historic track to optimize the prize list
  • Forecast analysis to support strategies for dynamic pricing
  • Business planning to get more credibility and attract new investments

Useful for the destinations

Thanks to H-Benchmark organizations and institutions can set up a Touristic Observatory for the Destination representing a uni ed data source publishing with authority the seasonal trends and providing a strategic forecast in order to promote speci c destinations.

  • Monitoring of the Promotional Activities to verify how much revenues (not visits) generate the promotional action plan in a speci c territory
  • Planning of Events in the best moment to maximize the revenues
  • Media relations in order to share info and support the active association

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